image__met_exhibit_manuscript4 Feb 2017

通往天堂的一道算數題?| A Math Problem to Paradise?

In one painting for a manuscript called “The Path of Paradise,” recently exhibited at the Met Museum, “Muhammad see seventy thousand curtains made of light, fire, precious stones, pearls, or gold. Seventy thousand angels guard these curtains, one of whom leads him through to the throne of God, which is ringed by seven hundred thousand tents of enormous proportions, each housing five hundred thousand angels reciting praise to God.” (The Sarikhani collection, UK)   “穆罕默德看見七萬條金銀珠寶做成的布幕,由七萬個天使守護著。其中一個天使引領著穆罕默德進入布幕來到上帝的寶座,七十萬個帳篷圍繞著寶座,每一個帳篷住了五十萬個天使正在歌詠上帝。”