vasaMuseum6 Aug 2017

這是誰的錯? | Human Errors: Vasa 1628

You probably heard about Vasa 1628. I can't believe that we spent the whole afternoon in the Vasamuseet when visiting Stockholm. The museum was devoted to the ill-fated warship Vasa which sank into the sea after less than 1 mile during the maiden sail in 1628. The spectacular failure opened the box of Pandora. There are wonderful conservation efforts. What an irony! If she sailed well, we wouldn't see her true face today.

image__met_exhibit_manuscript4 Feb 2017

通往天堂的一道算數題?| A Math Problem to Paradise?

In one painting for a manuscript called “The Path of Paradise,” recently exhibited at the Met Museum, “Muhammad see seventy thousand curtains made of light, fire, precious stones, pearls, or gold. Seventy thousand angels guard these curtains, one of whom leads him through to the throne of God, which is ringed by seven hundred thousand tents of enormous proportions, each housing five hundred thousand angels reciting praise to God.” (The Sarikhani collection, UK)   “穆罕默德看見七萬條金銀珠寶做成的布幕,由七萬個天使守護著。其中一個天使引領著穆罕默德進入布幕來到上帝的寶座,七十萬個帳篷圍繞著寶座,每一個帳篷住了五十萬個天使正在歌詠上帝。”

post_picasso1 Feb 2016

和畢卡索的童心面對面 |Stand before Picasso’s Mind

When was the last time you found yourself “talking" to an object in front of you? When we are young, we have an innate tendency to want to anthropomorphize objects we find before us. Once we’re grown up, it seems like the power of making stories with our imaginary friends has entirely disappeared! We see things, but what are we looking at? The feelings we get from seeing things in the adult world are easily

post_fashion1527 Dec 2015

時尚饗宴|Fashion Exhibition Highlights 2015

今年許多有意思的概念設計展覽都圍繞在服裝和食物上。百忙之中只抽空看了兩個不同的展覽。 一場是紐約大都會博物館毀譽參半的「中國:鏡花水月」(China: Through the Looking Glass), 針對中國近百年來成為西方時尚文化靈感來源所辦的主題服裝展,請來導演王家衛為藝術總監,以不同導演的華語電影創作剪輯作為銜接不同時期中國藝術的橋段。並利用原本是博物館中主角的各類形式傳統中國文物,來“襯托”出高級時裝的古典造型和“聚焦”服裝設計的華麗細節。撇開展覽內容是否具有足夠深度不談,展場設計本身就是一場視覺和空間展現互動的饗宴。 利用到羅馬開會之便,碰巧看了另一場服裝特展,那是以食物作為服裝設計的靈感來源,稱為 The Elegance of Food Tales about Food and Fashion。 有趣的是,展場就在圖拉真市場 Mercati di Traiano ,位於羅馬市中心的古羅馬時期廢墟,但還可看到很多古羅馬時期建築特色,據說建於西元二世紀左右,是世界上最早的購物中心遺址。