post_picasso1 Feb 2016

和畢卡索的童心面對面 |Stand before Picasso’s Mind

When was the last time you found yourself “talking" to an object in front of you? When we are young, we have an innate tendency to want to anthropomorphize objects we find before us. Once we’re grown up, it seems like the power of making stories with our imaginary friends has entirely disappeared! We see things, but what are we looking at? The feelings we get from seeing things in the adult world are easily

Turkish Coffee30 Jan 2016

看不見的伊斯坦堡 |Istanbul: Beyond Looks

In June of last year I took my first trip to Istanbul, the fascinating city which is home to the traditional Byzantine and Ottoman cultures along with modern Turkish culture. The trip offered me a good opportunity to observe the phenomenon of travelers like myself being unable to stop taking photos. From whose perspective do we actually take photos? Our own or that of others? Does our curious viewpoints, formed by our own senses and

post_green17 Mar 2012

聖派翠克的一抹綠 | A Glimpse of Green on St. Patrick’s Day

昨天(3/17)是一年一度的聖派翠克日,很多有愛爾蘭後裔的國家都有慶祝活動。在愛爾蘭後裔佔多數的紐約市,第五大道上的遊行是官方慶祝的重頭戲,各派政治宗教人物總要露面表示支持。不過,對一般小老百姓來講,就是多一個可以在酒吧裡喝酒狂歡的日子,不管你是愛爾蘭後裔與否,少不了戴點綠色來共襄勝舉一番。 早上出門,我們刻意避開了往第五大道的人潮方向,還是不免到處看到綠色:從街上建築物的鷹架,路牌,水果攤上的蘋果,芹菜,到地上丟棄的啤酒瓶,回到家裡,除了理所當然地蕃薯藤的綠,透過聖派翠克的「濾鏡」赫然發現到處都有綠色的點綴... 配上一點恩雅帶有愛爾蘭曲風的音樂。哈!我們做了一天的愛爾蘭人^^ We're all a little bit Irish on St. Patrick's